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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Creating Again

I just realized that I have already created one painting this year - the one that Laura won in the Chinese Auction at our MAG (Merrickville Artists' Guild) party. There are also the small projects I have done during our Thursday morning Play Groups. They are such a great source of inspiration and an excuse to get creating!
Today I started on a diorama, a theme inspired by Jamie a week or so ago. Employing some of Michael de Meng's texturing and painting tips and using items that I have had stashed away in boxes for years, I feel good about making an objet d'art. I could hardly sleep last night while my brain whirled - trying out different ideas in my head for this project. 
It's back to Cirque paintings this evening, but I keep stealing glances at the work-in-progress sitting on the top of the gothic sideboard. I'm creating something different for me and it feels great!

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