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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Creative Time of Year!

Journal page with herb info text and image book cover image.
Journal page with image and leaf pasted in, ready to write on.
On Friday we shipped out 30 boxes to Cirque...704 costume balls, 61 small paintings and 75 large paintings. We usually don't have big orders this time of year and we have been busy right through Christmas. That is good for cash flow! It looks like we will get new orders in March. And I am designing the next large Cirque painting for approval, as there are only 52 left to make of the current design. That will be a series of 250 sold! So we have time to spend working in the Studio on other things. Larry is already working on a few press projects, setting type and planning books and illustrations. I am dreaming up an art series on herbs for a one month/one person show in June at the Almonte Herb Farm. Not just paintings this time, but books and more sculptural works...with a medieval twist of course. I have been adding images and ideas about the series to one of the journals I posted pics of previously. It's so much fun to record ideas this way - very creative and it means that I have the paint and glue out daily. I was ecstatic to aquire a hard-to-find copy of 'Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden' online. It will be most inspirational...I am a big fan of the Brother Cadfael series and Ellis Peters' books. Those stories indeed combine 'medieval' with herbs...and mystery too. I will definitely incorporate some mystery into my art series as well.

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