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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's Next?

An interesting couple dropped into the Studio this afternoon to look at my art and talk about creative things. I was asked the question, "So what's next?". Josh was referring to my art. I babbled something about doing more on the Garden theme but in a different way from the first series, and that I would also be starting a series of "dark" pieces. "Dark in colour or in theme?" In theme. Hmmm... This has been on and in my mind lately. One afternoon I drove to our lock-up and brought back to the Studio every canvas, board and painting support I have left. One was a piece of masonite with acrylic medium plastered on it to give texture and a pencil sketch of a face. It was an attempt at a self-portrait excercise that Cimmaron, Vanda and I had begun years ago. I had a very strong urge to paint something dark, so I seized the unfinished piece and began to work over it and change it. I am happy with the result so far and will be continuing to build on it, adding and subtracting as I go. I have no idea how it will finish up but I am enjoying that aspect. This is a sneak peak... Add Image

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