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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

And so...finally...to England. Or rather a look back.

Holly approaches Bradford-Old-Windmill B&B
A room with a view and a view in itself
The garden viewed out our gothic windows
Our first English pub grub and pint
Lazing in front of the pub fire in armchairs
BRADFORD-ON-AVON (WILTSHIRE) We truly picked the most beautiful town to begin our tour in England. We could have spent the whole three weeks here! Our first stop was the Castle Inn, a lovely pub where we ate and drank heartily, finishing up by sinking into cozy armchairs in front of the fire...ahhh. A lazy walk around the top of the town with a photo session at the church, then it was on to our fabulous B&B - Bradford Old Windmill. Parking the car was a trick, though with Larry’s help I was able to manoeuvre the Vauxhall Corsa around and out of the narrow lane with at least an inch to spare each side! It was easy to settle in here with the magical gothic bed, our own bathroom and sitting room. Back up the steep hill to the pub for dinner and a pint. Larry tried many different beers on our journey while I drank cider. When we started to nod off in front of the fire, we knew it was time to stumble down the hill again to our fairytale abode. By staying awake from Monday morning Canadian time until 9 pm Tuesday English time, we skipped any jetlag and settled nicely into our new routine. It was wonderful to know that we were here for two nights.

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