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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fantasy in the Forest Part II 2009

As promised, more about this magical show. We have known Jamie Brick for years and consider him an amazing artist as well as a wonderful friend. He never seems to run out of ideas or energy to make his Fantasy in the Forest show even more spectacular and this year was no exception! About a week before the show, Jamie sent us an email telling us about a new space that was not done yet but that he thought would be perfect for both my work and Larry's. He told us he was building a ten by sixteen foot addition onto a building in the center of his property. The back wall would be the cordwood wall that lead to the deck facing the lake and the entry would be through the little fantasy building. He told us the front wall was up and had three gothic church windows four feet wide and ten feet high. It faced the garden and the driveway. It did not have the end wall yet, and would not have it before the show but when it was done it would have a matching gothic window facing the lake. The major draw back this year was that it would not have the roof done at all. The floor would be in and solid and the three windows but he was running out of time. We replied instantly to this email that YES, we wanted to display in that room!!! Who needs a roof or all the walls??? It was like he made this space for us.
The entry through the little fantasy building.
Three gothic church windows four feet wide and ten feet high.
We brought a tarpaulin and Jamie built a roof framework for it to hang on. We all spent a relatively sleepless night before the first day of the show as it poured with rain and we didn't know if the tarp would hold! But all was well in the morning - our art was not affected. Jamie also put up three booth wall panels for us to use where the end wall was missing and which gave us great display space.
This is one of Jamie's latest BEAUTIFUL sculptures. She greets you as you descend the driveway and the light will actually work!
This is another wonderful booth location with a decorative arch.
This is a view looking down the hill to the lake where there were several more tents.
Jamie Brick's Fantasy in the Forest show gets better with each passing year...14 so far! He had mentioned building a floating booth to put on the lake. Maybe next year? We are hoping for a roof and end wall on the gothic room instead ( :


  1. Wow, that space is quite something.

  2. Magical! I've just awarded you the Karma Friends Award on my latest blog post. You can pass the award on or not, whichever you like, but I know many people just aren't into awards. I think it's an opportunity to tell my readers about blogs I enjoy, and yours is one of them.



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