HollyDeanArtist: Often Medieval in Mood: Back to the drawing board!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to the drawing board!

I am VERY excited tonight. I have signed up for two online classes - the first ones I have ever done!!! The first is "Drawing and Painting Portraits" with Misty Mawn.  I am about to go into the studio to do a couple of warm up exercises before class begins in the morning.

The second begins very soon with Julie Pritchard and Golden Working Artist Chris Cozen teaching all about colour and acrylic paints: Project deConstruction: Color - Beyond the Basics.

What with taking on the Creative Awakenings journey, following Milliande's wonderful videos and journal prompts and now these two online art classes, my well will be overflowing ( :  I'm ready - bring it on!!!



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