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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pencil Me In & the Great Swatch Incident

Wow! Online classes sure keep you busy! Here are a couple of exercises from Misty Mawn's Drawing + Painting Faces class:

This is my first pencil portrait and study in light and shadow with ball and egg.

This is one of my favourites so far - "Isabella" - another pencil portrait done in one of my coptic bound art journals. You can see more of my work for this class on my Flickr site as well as lots of fabulous work by others in this class.

I have been very busy with Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozen's Colour: Beyond the Basics class too!

Here is a view of the Studio from the loft. See all the pieces of card with paint swatches?

And there are transparencies with paint swatches on the easel...

This is what they look like up close. Julie and Chris encouraged us to get out every kind of paint we have and get it down in a colour library. Fantastic idea! Each colour is then mixed with other colours or mediums and you end up with MANY paint possibilities from just one original colour. I drew a sheet for the swatches and put all my paint names on them so that I could print them out onto transparency or card. I have 49 swatches per sheet and ended up with 45 sheets to record the possibilities I chose! So I have started with painting swatches for just the paints we will be using for this class. I can work away on the rest over the rest of my life *lol*.


  1. Your studio and color library are calling my name!!

  2. Hi Seth! Yes, it's a great place to create and I think I have enough paint to last the rest of my life! But that won't stop me getting more... *LOL*



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