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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You know that we are living in an ethereal world...and I am an ethereal girl!

It is such a VAST art world out there. Now I can have everything I want - I can live in a quaint small village and still "rub shoulders" with artists from all over the world. Without leaving my Studio. Anytime I want - day or night. I love it!

I have become a member of the Creative Awakenings ning site after buying the book Creative Awakenings by Sheri Gaynor in December and reading it cover to cover. I am posting images to the site, getting comments and replying to them. I am participating instead of just "lurking" and it feels good to be part of a bigger world.

The cover of my Dream Journal - an exercise from the book.

My Art of Intention journal page spread after doing my DreamTime meditation.

The same page spread after I have done my Reflections on the Art of Intention. I liked the idea of using vellum over the actual pages so that what I wrote would relate to them and "float" over them.

A close-up of the calligraphy on the vellum with the image softly visible underneath.

I have embarked on a 12 month journey with this book to discover more about my art and creative life and what possibilities lie ahead. I recommend Creative Awakenings to anyone who wants to explore a life of creativity. It is a worthwhile journey!


  1. Good on ya! Your dream journal looks fantastic! It's so inspiring watching you branch out so much in different aspects of your creative self. I want to be just like you when I grow up :0)

  2. These pages are so beautiful. I've made a note of the book and will think about buying it. Thanks, you are full of good ideas.

  3. On your cover of the dream journal have you used metal etc from 10 seconds studio or did you get it somewhere else? I'm trying to find who sells it in Australia.

  4. Hi Carol! Thanks for the compliments on my journal pages (: Creative Awakenings is helping me to find a new direction in my art. I'm already on a path, but I want to explore it further and open myself up to different ideas.
    I bought the metal I used on the cover of my Dream Journal from a local art store in Ottawa - Wallack's. Also, Michael's Art and Craft stores sell it here in Canada. I hope an art store close to you stocks it. I wonder if Judy Wilkenfeld at Red Velvet would know where to find it?
    TTFN, Holly



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