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Friday, June 04, 2010

Fantastical Adventures

The morning was spent playing with Photoshop Elements - layering images, using transparency, filters and tools to create. I am starting to realize that all the photos taken on our England trip in 2008 will provide me with a lifetime's worth of possibilities!


As a mixed media artist I have always created layers in my work with paint, collage, pastel, ink, wax... Now I am discovering a whole new world of potential imagery through the medium of digital art. It has my brain whirling with ideas... ways to combine digital and hand done art. Mixed media indeed!


  1. Holly - this 'Rook' is absolutely amazingly intricate and beautiful!! Well done!! Wow - glad your exhibition was a success it all looked wonderful hanging!

  2. Thanks so much, Wyn! I love creating these Altered Images. I have been printing them onto small sheets of deckle-edged watercolour paper and framing them in shadow boxes. You will see them in the booth shot in my latest post :)



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