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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Implied Texture

An exercise from the online workshop Texture Town by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. What fun!
These panels look like they have raised texture, but they are flat.
The look is achieved with fluid acrylics only.


  1. your panels are gorgeous Holly, love the colors you used and the depth you achieved. wonderful!

  2. Thanks Dymphie! This is so much fun :)

  3. Fabulous panels and effects. I wish I saw the enrolment for the class earlier but from now on I will be keeping an eye on your blog. Both, you and Chris, are great artists.

  4. Thank you Svetlana! Did you join the class? You can join anytime you know, and take as long as you want to finish. Julie leaves the videos up and gives feedback pretty well forever!

  5. These are stunning. I have just enrolled in the class and followed the link. Looking forward to joining in



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