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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Getting Ready for The Maker's Hand

I'm packing up my paintings and Muse Journals to take to The Maker's Hand in Picton, Ontario. We set up on Thursday and the show opens on Friday, November 5th - 10 to 8 - and continues Saturday and Sunday, November 6th and 7th - 10 to 5.
I had fun with Picassa for Mac today, creating art and book collages for promotional rack cards. It made me realize that I have been creating LOTS of art and books this year! I printed, cut and collated the rack cards so that a different one appears each time one is taken.
I love the way Picassa creates the collages with just parts of the image showing. It makes each piece quite mysterious...
Journal entries, Muse Journal covers, sculptural pieces, digital art, mixed media paintings... they are all jumbled up together.
If you look closely, you will even find a picture of me, hiding behind a painting.
New work, old work, favourite work...
There is just no end to the collages I could make :)


  1. That's an impressive body of work, you've been very busy. Enjoy the Maker's Hand show, all the best to you in it.
    I found you behind that wonderful big canvas, 3rd mosaic up, centre pic, bottom row :-)

  2. he,he,he :) Thanks for the best wishes Bren!

  3. Have fun this weekend! I'm sure your journals will sell quickly; they're gorgeous.

  4. Such a wonderful variety of work :) The collages are great! I know you will both do incredibly well at the show... can't wait to see you!

  5. All the best for the show - your work is wonderful so I hope you sell out.

  6. @Meg - thanks and we loved visiting! xo
    @Carol - thanks! Not quite a sell out but a very successful show :)

  7. Hi Holly! I'm in Texture Town with you. You work inspires me so I'm now going to follow you : )

    xo Esther

  8. That's great Esther, thank you! Isn't Texture Town a fabulous class?

  9. Hi Holly I got all excited about Picasa collages and then found out I need an intel processor. The pressure's building for me to upgrade. Now if only I had some cash! Hmmmmmm! Stuff looks great by the way.


  10. Thanks Chris! I know the "if only I had cash" feeling ;) And I know the cash will come!

  11. Cheers Holly - this is a wonderful collection - I'm glad there is no end to the work you can do because if there was the world would be all the poorer!! Amazing!!

  12. Thanks, Wyn! When I have time I want to make Picasa collages of everything I have created :) One day...



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