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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grabbing the Gauntlet

Another opportunity to participate in a juried show came in yesterday. I love these deadlines. They are just what I need to create new work. To quote Douglas Adams, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." A comforting thought :)

I went over the list of requirements for this exhibition, "Everyday Patterns", and saw that large pieces were encouraged. Great! Keeping in mind that I drive a MINI Cooper, I started to figure out how large a piece I could make with the canvases I have on hand. Hmmm... two were too big and the others were too small. Well, there is always a solution if you think creatively. I have a plethora of 14" x 18" canvases and if a few were screwed together... yes, that's it!

power tools are wonderful

coming along nicely

bird's eye view
solid as a rock

It turned out that two across and three deep would make a suitable size (28" x 54") to work with AND to fit in the MINI. O.K... placed on an angle on top of the headrests - but that works. Out came the cordless and the corded drill, the clamps and the screws. A short time later, I had two rock solid supports. I'm going to fill in the spaces on the front and the sides with a random application of Heavy Gel Medium, paper, canvas, whatever comes to mind. Since I work with texture and collage, what could be more appropriate?

Of course, the resulting pieces of art may or may not be juried into the show, but I have grabbed the gauntlet. Thank goodness for deadlines. I might even work on those really large canvases while I'm at it...


  1. Inventive! Work created from the ground up!

  2. I like to work on large canvases vs. small...but I've not worked this large! What fun!! Can't wait to see the final piece!!!

  3. I think the largest I've worked on is 3' x 8' and it's odd, but sometimes I find a smaller canvas doesn't take any less time and effort. I am eager to get going on these!



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