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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impression | Expression

What do you get when you put letterpress printing and mixed media art together? An exciting joint exhibit at Studio22 Open Gallery in Kingston, that's what!!!

My love of calligraphy, medieval manuscripts, nature and gothic architecture inspires my evocative, abstract mixed media artwork, altered images and book arts.

Larry's love of typography informs his use of the ancient techniques of bookbinding, block printing and letterpress printing to create illustrated broadsides, prints and books.

In our work, we share the use of line, text and design. As individual artists, our work expresses a pleasing contrast between rich layers of colour and texture, and the tactile black and white impression of letterpress...

An exhibition of work by Holly Dean and Larry Thompson
Including linoprints, woodcuts, mixed media art, book arts, altered images and letterpress books.


  1. Holly looks amazing! You will have to post some more images once the exhibition gets going!! Here's to a good one for you!

  2. Thanks, Wyn! More images to follow for sure :)

  3. Yes...many pictures please...sounds amazing!

  4. sounds like the perfect exhibition! Best to you, Holly!

  5. @Julie: for sure!
    @Jean: it will be great!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful exhibition! I'm sorry I live so far away...although we were just in Peterbourgh two weeks ago for a wedding!!

    You're an iphoneographer, aren't you? I'm hosting a collaborative project that might interest you! Check it out on my blog: http://bit.ly/reRV96. I'm hoping to gather some fun "recipes"!!

  7. This WILL be a wonderful exhibition!
    Wow... Peterborough. That's only a few hours away from Merrickville :)
    I'm definitely going to participate in your collaborative project, Dave. And I'm letting others know about it too!

  8. I've been missing from my computer for ages and so I'm really enjoying seeing what you're up to. The exhibition sounds marvellous. Wish I had a magic carpet. And iphoneography - just getting into it so I'll check out Dave's blog. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Welcome back, Carol! I wish we both had magic carpets :) isn't iPhoneography amazing? Can't wait to see your images.



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