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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a funny old world.

Have you ever done a Zentangle? I must warn you - it can become an addictive pursuit... and you never know where it will lead you!

I love what happens when the shading is added.

I volunteered to present a mini workshop at the February meeting of our book arts group - CBBAG-OV (Canadian Book Binders & Book Artists - Ottawa Valley). I had first come across Zentangles a few years agon when I discovered Milliande. I watched with fascination as she drew simple patterns that, when put together, created an amazingly complex result.

In preparation for the meeting, I did more research online. I found the originators of Zentangles and TanglePatterns. I paid a modest fee for a PDF of patterns, out of which I chose six, figured out how they were drawn and created my own step-by-step handout.

I watched a couple of videos by Rick & Maria. I created a Zentangle of my own. I became more and more fascinated with this "meditational doodling". The process is wonderful and the result always blows me away.

I always feel the need to draw sketchy lines. I love the organic look.

Since that meeting, I find that I want to make a Zentangle every day! I don't always have the time, but I have the craving. A couple of friends from CBBAG-OV say that they have been Zentangling ever since the meeting. What is it about this intriguing art form that gets under your skin? Is it the "doing" or the result? I have decided that it matters not... I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Do you Zentangle? Please send me links to your work!


  1. Betcha you can't just draw one!! (o:

  2. I got into Zentangles after seeing some of the patterns on Claudette's gourds. It's lots of fun and the possibilites are endless. I love how you combined techniques to create Arabesque.

  3. Claudette uses amazing patterns on her gourds! Aren't the endless possibilities fun? I'm so excited to create more Arabesques :)



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