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Monday, February 06, 2012

Something Rich and Strange I

Once again a deadline has helped me to finish a new painting. It was submitted for jurying for the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists' exhibition at Brush Strokes Gallery in Carleton Place, Ontario. It got in. Yay!

So here is a first online look at my newest work. It is quite different from my other paintings and I am excited about where my muse is taking me.

Something Rich & Strange I - 36" x 24", mixed media on birch panel $2000. CAD

I would describe the process for this piece as very intuitive. It grew organically as I discovered shapes and developed them, working from right to left. I will reveal the transformation in a future post… the finished piece is unrecognizable from the first layers of paint. But they are underneath, adding their mysterious depth and richness.


  1. How cool! This is one incredible piece!,

  2. Definitely and intriguing and engaging piece Holly!! Wow - one can wander through it for ages!! Congrats on being accepted - cheers!!

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement, you two!

  4. this is a marvelous piece- different from your others, yes, but it still has that quality of existing as its own reality, I think. That probably doesn't make sense, but anyway, congrats on the show!



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