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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something Richer and Stranger.

Welcome to my contribution to Dave's App Recipe Book Project! March Edition. Check out the other contributors listed on Dave's blog and, of course, Dave's images!

I find that iPhoneography is a quick way to satisfy my creative muse when I don't have time to paint. Colour, texture, line, imagery - it's the next best thing... and it gives me ideas for new paintings. Head on over to my Facebook Page to find many more images - LIKE the page too if you want. :)


Start with an original piece of art that you have created. In this case, I used my newest painting, "Something Rich and Strange I". iPhoneography is a great way for an artist to find new inspiration by altering and exploring their own work. Try it!

Something Rich and Strange I.

Shoot sections of your work with your iPhone using ProCamera. I have replaced the original iPhone camera app with this one for everyday use.

Chosen section.
Result from iDarkroom.
Open one of your successful shots in iDarkroom.
Apply these filters:
"Hi Sepia"
Vignett 1"

My favourite image from SCRATCHcam.
Re-open image in SCRATCHcam.
Hit "Random" until you find
an image that you like.
I always save many!
Pick your favourite.

For your enjoyment, a slide show with variations on this image...


  1. Wow! I still remember it was your images that first convinced me that I needed an iPhone...and I am still so impressed with what you do!!! Wow! I really like the slide show as well...I need one of those!!! Thanks for joining in the fun today!!

  2. Oh yeah, way back in the day ;) You've embraced the technology and taken off with it! I'm so thrilled that you are hosting this great project and I'm looking forward to seeing your slideshow!!!

  3. I've always liked the thought of using partial images to 'play with', either digitally or using other artist's media. Well done.

  4. Oh my gosh...so clever! That last one with Scratchcam is my favorite.

  5. Thanks, Jo :) I've always loved playing with partial images too. They can lead to other worlds!

  6. Thanks, Julia! This is so much fun, isn't it?

  7. The original painting is awesome enough but I'm blown away by what you created with the chosen section. Very inspiring!

  8. Thanks, Gail :) I find this art and iPhoneography combination so inspiring to explore with!

  9. I love the YouTube video. And I really like your use of select sections of pieces of your own art work. Very creative and inspiring. Also love scratchcam and save several versions myself, then choosing my favorite ;)

  10. Thanks, Valeri! So much fun, all this iPhoneography - isn't it?

  11. Holly, just lovely. I'm learning such a lot from you all. Xx

  12. Thank, Carol. There is so much to explore, isn't there? It's wonderful!



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