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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Game of Thrones.

I am immersed in The Game of Thrones. My thoughts are full of rich images and evocative names; my dreams carry me to this fantasy world by night. Today's image for The Recipe Book Project over at Clearer Reflections is definitely influenced by this amazing series.


REX II - a mixed media painting from my
Medieval Journey series.
Shoot a photo of your artwork from an unusual angle with ProCamera.

iDarkroom filters applied.
 Open photo in iDarkroom.
Apply filters:
pallette >  CP. Purple
paper > Wallpaper

IRIS filter applied.
Open new image in Iris Photo Suite.
Apply filter:
Lo-Fi > WWII

RainyDaze filter applied.
 Open new image in Rainy Daze.
Apply filter:
Romantic Rain 09

Snapseed frame applied.
Open new image in Snapseed.
Apply frame of choice.

PhotoStudio filter applied.
Open new image in FX Photo Studio.
Apply filter:
Symmetry Vertical

I hope you enjoy this very medieval image. I enjoyed the process, as I thought about Game of Thrones and listened to Alan Parsons...


  1. Great new piece, love the books so I can see why you're inspired. Fun shots of your artwork, but first I've got to get an iphone before the app :-)

  2. Thank you, Bren! The iPhone has made my world even more creative on a daily basis :)

  3. Alan Parsons! Now that's a name I've not heard in awhile!! I wonder if I have any of his music around...have to go look!

    Very, very nice!! You've worked magic as always with your image!! Thanks so much for joining in again!!

  4. Thanks, Dave! I'm such an Alan Parsons groupie :) I'm slowly adding everything he has done to my earlier collection. His music always takes me to the place my art does - or maybe it is a major influence in my art... Thanks for hosting this wonderful collaboration!

  5. Gosh...your images are always so deep and haunting. Another fabulous one!

  6. Thanks so much, Julia! I love making haunting images :)

  7. Lovely, Holly, an interesting process and a surprise at the end. Beautifully medieval .



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