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Sunday, July 29, 2012


I noticed that the theme for the July Challenge over at Artists in Blogland is ENCHANTMENT. I did a post back in June about one of my new paintings of the same name. How cool is that? I thought that called for a re-posting. Make sure to check out the other participants at Artists in Blogland too!


ENCHANTMENT [n. great charm or fascination, captivation, enthrallment]  is an evocative mixed media painting inspired by the interior of a Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon, UK. This piece was started at Karen Rosasco's workshop and I think you will be amazed at how dramatically it changed as I worked on it. I finished it in my studio, all the while marveling at the magical process of creating.

I invite you to explore the evolution of ENCHANTMENT...

charcoal & water "splashed" on paper.
"fixed" with water/gloss medium glaze.

first layers of paint go down.
palette pretty well decided.

painting is getting too representational.
I decide it's time to change direction.

this is more like it.
going abstract with shapes, patterns & lines.

lines, words, focal point added.
watercolour paper glued to canvas.
top & right edge collage elements added.

work continues on the top, right & left edges.

paint ties all the elements together. signature added.

mixed media, 18"x14"x1.5"
watercolour paper mounted on gallery canvas
$500 CAD
Available at Studio22 Open Gallery, Kingston, ON Canada
Inquiries welcome here


  1. Love seeing the evolution of a piece, I need to remember to try and take photos of my pieces during the different stages but I always seem to forget.

    1. Hi Kathryn! Taking pictures along the way takes practice :) Once you start, I think you will enjoy it. I love seeing where I started and where I ended up.

  2. Impressive!! I'm so glad you didn't take the "representational" route....how boring is that!! Love the finished work!!!

    1. Thanks, Dave! It's funny how the painting started out that way when I was trying to create an abstract.

    2. Sometimes you just have to get some things out of your system....

  3. Awesome progression, Holly!

  4. Wow...love seeing the evolution of this piece!

    1. I'm glad you could actually view this evolution! :)

  5. I love seeing these process photos. And the finished work is awesome!



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