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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Studio Dreams.

I am very lucky to have the studio of my dreams and to share it with my wonderful life-partner, Larry Thompson - a letterpress printer, writer, wood engraver and so much more. We built the studio in 2001, all the while referring to it as "2001 - A Studio Oddessy". These days we call the studio our "Cathedral to Art". People often ask if it was an old church!

Over the years, we have enjoyed collecting lovely, old cabinets to replace all my plastic drawers-on-wheels. Being organized is important to me. If I get side-tracked looking for that certain something I need, my creative focus is lost. I even have most of my drawers labeled.

nice deep drawers in a narrow, tall chest.

one of two cupboards built to fit gorgeous gothic doors.

an old tool chest, resting on a library card cabinet, resting on type drawers.

small type drawer cabinet.

a large library card cabinet that opens from both sides.
Want to read more about studios? There is a great write-up at Cloth Paper Scissors online. It's called "How to Create a Personalized Art Studio" by Cate Prato. You can read it here.

I will be back with a peek inside these drawers and other studio storage solutions another day. I would love to hear how you store your art supplies in the comments area below :)


  1. Nice...very nice, indeed! I'm envious of those library cabinets! (If they ever turn up missing....you'll know who has them!) Thanks for giving us a tour!!

    1. They really are nice, Dave. I'll be on alert for thieves in the night ;) There will be more tours of the studio. I plan to make this a monthly blog post.



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