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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let's make more art!

I plan on making 2015 a super creative year! It's off to a great start and we aren't even quite through January :)

I taught a Creating Layers and Altered Book workshop to art groups in Ottawa and Brockville. On Friday I drop off a large painting, 'Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other', to be hung at a new OMMA Gallery in Ottawa.

I became the Communications minion for OMMA (Ottawa Mixed Media Artists) and met with John and Molly Sorensen of 'Before the Rush' art show to discuss my creating short video interviews and photos of the artists for promotion.

I joined the WCAS (West Carleton Arts Society) and attended one of their wonderful 'Articulate' fireside talks. Larry and I will be going to their Spring Into Art conference in April and I have signed up for a 5 day workshop in June with Lila Irving.

Monthly coffee meet-ups are planned with fellow entrepreneurs Lianne and Roger Sands to toss around ideas and inspire each other. Bi-weekly get-togethers are planned with Laura Starkey and Jamie Carter to have fun while taking time off. I look forward to going on a long dog-walk with the wonderful Karen Mackay soon...  we have lots to catch up on!

Larry and I went to the Ottawa Press Gang wayzbrunch to see what fellow printers and book artists have been up to. On Sunday we are being treated to lunch by the lovely Hugh Barclay, letterpress printer and artist.

Currently being worked on in the studio are 2 commissioned Faerie Rounds, a stack of Muse Journals, a CBBAG-OV (Canadian Book Artists & Book Binders - Ottawa Valley) 'swap' book arts project and paintings in various stages. I have some intriguing ideas for a new painting series.

I have many workshops planned for my studio this year and some studio playtimes too. Three more out of studio workshops are already in the works, including a two-part Extreme Texture workshop for the ACE students at Queen's University in Kingston.

I am always curious to know what you are looking for in the way of creative opportunities, so I created a 'Let's Make More Art!' survey. I want your input on art offerings that will fill your creative wants and needs - online and off. Thank you to all who have given their wonderful feedback. I look forward to many more responses... keep them coming! They will help me plan the rest of this creative year!

Take the survey by clicking on the picture below :)

Art Survey

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