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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back into the swing of things

After a COLD walk 'downtown' to Brewed Awakenings Larry and I enjoyed a hearty breakfast with Wendy Heuston, one of the Merrickville South gang we belong to. Usually Laura Starkey (and sometimes her sister Janet and her pal Jamie) and Claudette Hart come too, but Claudette is off to visit her daughter in Calgary (where it is probably even colder...brrr) and Laura said, "When I saw how cold it was, I decided to stay home!" Actually, it was pretty cold inside the coffee shop too. It was minus 17C outside and possibly plus 17C inside! I think Laura had the right idea. Larry has no scheduled Cirque work this week, so he is taking advantage of his 'found' time to organize his press space. He is spending time on his blog too, which is really great and can be found at: http://greyweathers.wordpress.com. I got back to work on Totem, the large Cirque paintings, today while Laura worked on starting another box of 96 costume balls. I wrote all the words on the paintings in gel pen (see above) so that tomorrow Laura can spray them with fixative and finish the final steps. We have 8 Totem to finish and box by the end of tomorrow and 6 Energy, which are the small ones. Then on to the next batch of each size starting Monday...

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  1. Yay! And Holly's here, too! We're a big bloggy family now! You are bookmarked, too. I'll have lots of things to procrastinate over - I mean read - now! :)



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