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Friday, January 04, 2008

It has arrived!

FINALLY the wait is over. Or nearly. This morning Keith from the MINI dealership called to say that our MINI Cooper is in!!! YAY!!! We will be picking it up next week...a dream come true. I spent part of today arranging a certified cheque and getting our insurance company moving on the paperwork. So many steps to buying a car. I hope MINI had a comfortable journey from the Oxford MINI Cooper plant, Cowley, Oxon, England where it was made. What a journey - by boat to Halifax, by train to Montreal and by truck to Ottawa. New snow tires and wheels are being mounted and the usual new car stuff is being carried out at the dealership. Apparently it is a little beauty, all black and gleaming...so says the salesman. Well, of course!!! Over the next few days we will be digging out a second parking spot in our driveway for the new arrival. Somehow I don't think that will be much of a chore. Especially since we will probably have the fellow across the road blow out the snow for us. Ah, only days to wait now...

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  1. Holly, a question: how do you put up links to other blogs? Do you know? Larry has a 'Blogroll' - is there a similar heading in Blogspot? I see something titled 'Links' how do you get to this? There - is that enough questions for you?

    BTW I am enjoying both Larry and your postings.




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