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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Here is a glimpse of our snow situation. Most of the snow arrived last weekend (March 7, 8, 9) and added to the already considerable piles. The level of snow hasn't really changed except perhaps to rise where the snow and ice falls off the roof. Our studio windows are more than half buried! But pictures tell the story best...
Tthe streets of Merrickville are not quite wide enough for two cars to pass!
Snow can be sculpturally beautiful...no doubt about it. But it is so hard to move around!
Time to excavate the MINI and the van.
Sneak is always a part of our outside "frolics".
Our little guard outside the studio door (by Jamie Brick).
He has never actually disappeared in all this snow!
The drift in front of the living room window.
Larry standing on the drift outside the living room window - he is raking the roof.
Sneak and Tennyson curled up by the wood stove while Larry shovels and rakes.
And here he is now...
View out our dining room window
Same window looking toward the driveway
After raking the back roof

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  1. Please save us from this horrible wintry mess! Aaaah! I can't take it anymore!!



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