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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making Faces {^%

I have been having great fun playing with Super Sculpey! This is my first attempt at a head. It is formed around a styrofoam egg with extra clay added for the prominent features. I was amazed at how the face developed as I worked with it. I REALLY like playing with clay!
This is the result after forming the head and baking it in our 'dedicated' toaster oven. We didn't know if the styrofoam under the clay would melt, so we plugged the oven in outside and watched for any signs of danger!
Here is a view from above with some painting done to the face and a neck added.
This is a more straight-on view. The metal piece underneath will become a 'neck ruff' for the head, which in turn will be mounted on a wonderful object!
More photos to come as the piece progresses...

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  1. Ah ha. I've been hearing about these fun activities you people are doing these days. Now I can keep track :) I've got a blog too.



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