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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tiles and Notebooks

Just before the Fantasy in the Forest show (see next post) I decided to create my own tiles, inspired by the four I purchased at a monastery in Australia in 2003. Upon examination I discovered that the collaged images of medieval manuscripts were glued onto tiles and varnished. So I took the photos of my Medieval Journey series of paintings and set to work...really I should say "play". I layered two photos in Photoshop and added a third layer of scanned manuscript writing. Playing with filters, transparency and contrast, I had a blast altering my own art! The possibilities are endless...
I glued each colour laser-printed image onto purchased tiles, carefully trimmed them once the glue had dried and then painted the tile edges with gold. Four coats of varnish were then applied for protection and rubber feet were attached to the bottom to give each tile elevation and to protect surfaces they will sit on. So, they can be used as coasters or wall tiles! It is finicky work, but worth the effort and I was really pleased with the result.
These are nine of the twelve tiles I created...only five were left by the end of the show.
Below is a series of twelve "pocket books" that I created to take to the Grimsby "Wayzgoose", an annual gathering of printers and book artists each April. Each cover is hand-painted and decorated inside and out and the inside pages are blank. They are a small piece of useful pocket art!
These are the fronts...
...and these are the backs.
The pocket books sold well and I created posters of these photos with the added words, "You have to pick a pocket book or two." and "Don't get left behind." The posters were a hit too. They were Laura's idea - thanks Laura! I will be creating each series by the dozen with posters to go along with them. There is only one left from the above series...


  1. The tiles and notebooks are incredible! They're more beautiful than you can buy in a store and they're hand made original art! Wowie Zowie!

  2. These notebooks are just so beautiful, probably something not often said of notebooks. I thought the same of the ones you've shown later, really lovely work and meticulous finishing.



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