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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Fantasy in the Forest

Larry and I have just spent a delightful (as always) weekend at Jamie Brick's Fantasy in the Forest show. We had a good show with many sales and new contacts. However, we love just being a part of this magical event. As you can see, the setting is amazing and we really enjoy reconnecting with artist friends. On Saturday night we all hang out, eating, drinking and making merry...Larry and I lasted until 10 pm this year! We are such party animals ( :
This is the sweet little building Jamie lets us set up in so that we don't have to bring our tent. The terrain is quite hilly, so we appreciate lugging as little as possible.
We are even provided with an arm chair to sit in! Larry and I take turns doing this, as there really is only room for one of us at a time to be inside talking to customers.
Here is part of our display in front of windows which overlook Draper lake.
Here is a shot of one of the many enchanting structures on Jamie and Annette's property. The gardens are spectacular too as you can see, with little waterfalls, rocks, benches and art placed here and there.
Larry took some beautiful shots of Draper Lake as the sun went down on Saturday evening.

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