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Monday, September 27, 2010

MAG Studio Tour 2010

The Merrickville Artists' Guild Studio Tour and Sale ran this past weekend and runs again on October 2 & 3. For more info please see http://www.merrickvilleartists.com.

It was lots of fun to connect and re-connect with people. Conversations about my art and my life as an artist help to bring home just how lucky I am! And the studio always looks so wonderful when it is clean and organized for viewing :)

My Muse Journals were quite a hit and out of the seven I made I now have two left. Guess what I'll be up to this week?

"Altered Perceptions", 6" x 8", Available

"Nurture, Thrive", 6" x 8", Available

"Beautiful Mystery", 6" x 8", Sold
"Open", 5" x 7", Sold

"Opportunity", 5" x 7", Sold

"Wonder", 5" x 7", Sold

"Her Story", 5" x 7", Sold

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