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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Muse Journals

And so I have made another journal. In fact I have plans to make a lot more of them. So many that I have come up with a name for them - MUSE JOURNALS. And a logo and description tag. I can't help myself... the designer in me has been reinvigorated too.

Here is the back of the tag that attaches to the journal when it is on display for sale. It has the information about the Muse Journal in general...

Here is the front of the tag. It has the information about the individual journal... in this case "Nurture, Thrive".

And now... I am pleased to present "Nurture, Thrive".

The front cover & decorative paper-wrapped, coptic spine

Front cover detail - altered photo, mica, calligraphy, metal brads

The whole picture

The embellished bookmark, attached to the spine
& the painted envelope on the inside back cover

The next Muse Journal is patiently awaiting my attention in the studio. Back to it!

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