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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting Organized

Since getting my hands on a copy of I’d Rather Be in the Studio!, I have been busy getting organized. That includes creating a new database. Previously, Filemaker Pro had done the job, but our copy is quite ancient and doesn't run on Sexy iMac (yes, that's what I call our newest Mac). There's also Groovy iMac, the Pixar-lamp-like model :)

A little bit of surfing and... Voila! The discovery that Filemaker makes a simple, yet powerful database called Bento for personal and small business use. Totally adequate for my needs and, the most important part for an artist, visually intuitive to use. I'm creating a catalogue of my art, making task lists, updating contacts, linking files and URL's - getting all my information gathered into one place where it makes more sense. I DO love to organize. Oh... and to make art! ;)

Here's a Happy Thanksgiving wish to those of you who are partaking today!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about Bento for Mac's it sounds like an amazing tool to keeping it altogether on the business end of things. Appreciate your sharing about the book as well.

  2. It's my pleasure to share, Bren! I hope you find the information helpful :)



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