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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mixed Media Workshop

On November 27th and 28th, four people gathered here in the Studio at Greyweathers to learn, play and create. It was a blast!

Coffee, tea or treats anyone? Vintage guillotines have many uses...

 The cleaned and set-up studio awaits... shot from the loft.

The creative foursome at work, their teacher looking on.

 A closer look at the goings on.

The workshop focused on using acrylic paints & mediums to create a mixed media painting. Techniques were learned to create texture and colour, incorporate collage elements, make image transfers and add text. There was an opportunity to explore these techniques as well as apply them to a finished piece. Everyone created beautiful work and came away with a better understanding of the process.

A group of four is great in many ways. There was space in the dining room to eat our lunch together, sharing stories. The creative energy filled the studio as we shared and explored ideas. I got to spend time, one on one, with everybody. And, last but not least, I could remember everyone's name ;) 

I enjoyed teaching this Mixed Media workshop so much, that I am planning another one for January 29th and 30th, 2011!

Location: The Studio at Greyweathers, Merrickville, Ontario, Canada
Cost: $226 for two days plus $25 materials fee

To sign up, contact me via email at studio@greyweathers.com. Remember, there are only four spots, so sign up quickly!


  1. I can imagine how fantastic that class would be!

  2. love your studio space, great lighting and the decor so fits you and your art. I bet the class would be a blast, too bad I'm in NB instead of Ontario!

  3. @Julie - thanks so much!
    @Bren - too bad indeed!

  4. It was, Bridgette! I look forward to more workshops in the studio :)



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