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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Two Openings in One Week!

The past few weeks have been a creative whirlwind! In the midst of it all, I was interviewed by CBC TV for their program, Creative Block. It was quite short notice - I received a call the day before they wanted to come out to ask me questions and shoot lots of footage. It really does pay to have your art up on the studio walls and keep a relatively clean, organized work space!

At the time, I was working on a new painting which was fast becoming a favourite of mine. "Arcanum" is now finished and was successfully juried into a gallery show last weekend. The Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA) are presenting an exhibit called "Alphabet Soup", which of course is right up my alley since all my work includes text of some sort!

The opening and "meet the artists" is Thursday evening from 7 - 9 pm at the Britannia Gallery, 2728 Howe Street, Ottawa, Ontario. L and I will be there to celebrate the first public viewing of "Arcanum" in its finished state. It's all very exciting :)

A sneak preview detail shot. ARCANUM, n. - a profound secret or mystery; a secret of nature sought by alchemists  
But before this opening, there is another one! The Merrickville Artists' Guild is holding an exhibit at The Branch restaurant, 15 Clothier Street East, Kemptville from April 5 to May 1, 2011. The opening and "meet the artists" is Wednesday evening from 5 - 6 pm.

L and I will also be attending this event, each of us having two pieces in the show. It must be Spring - things are starting to happen outside the studio!

Detail shot from Palimpsest II, one of two pieces in the MAG exhibit.


  1. Congratulations on the double hitter, triple hit actually. I don't think we get the program Creative Block but sure wish we did, would love to see your interview with them. And "Arcanum" is just as it's name implies full of secret wisdom you have to keep looking to discover it all. Well done, all the best on the 'openings'

  2. It is good! I wish I could be there to lift a glass in celebration - have fun...

  3. Wow, good going! And I hope your openings are very successful.

  4. Wonderful news.. sadly, we don't do TV and the shows are a bit far for us.. .but I'll be thinking about you and Larry...

  5. Holly- congratulations on everything..you deserve every one of these great pieces of news. :)



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