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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Altered Image, complete with recipe

Dave, over at Clearer Reflections, is hosting the first chapter of "Dave's Apps Recipe Book Project", an online collaboration. He will be posting links to all the participants and there will be lots to discover. Be sure to check it out tomorrow!

Participants are to post a pic created using a iPhone/iPad/Android-based phone camera and apps. Pics can be of any subject and any app(s) can be used... the only stipulation is that the image must be done all "in-phone".  Along with the image, participants are to reveal how they created it, with the specific "recipe".

Here is my contribution - a day early - as I will be attending the opening of our joint art exhibition "Impression | Expression" this evening and won't be back to blog in time.

I used two images, taken with my iPhone 4 and altered with Apps to create what I call my Altered Image:

Image#1: reflection of gothic window in Cirque Room
Image#2: Costume Balls, made for Cirque du Soleil
Result: Altered Image "Ephemeral World"
My Recipe...

Open Image#1 in Photo fx
Choose SpecialFX > Color Looks > Cool Desaturated (Amount 100%)

Open new Saved image in Iris
Choose Adjustments > Layers > Set Layer as Base
Open Library > select Image#2
Choose Adjustments > Layers > Blend with Base > Blend Mode: Lighten, (Opacity 100%), Use the Image Mask

Turn image right way up in Camera Roll (Edit) > Save

Open new Saved image in picfx
Choose Grunge > Rough Grunge

Open new Saved image in 100Camerasin1
Choose "looking sideways, a clever smile" (50%)

Open new Saved image in Iris
Choose Dust 'n' Scratches > Grunge Frame > Rust (100%) > Apply


Thank you, Dave, for hosting this wonderful project!

And, thanks again, Steve Jobs. I love creating with all the innovative tools you have given to this amazing world. Thank you too, Larry, for giving me the ebook of Steve's bio. I am really enjoying reading it on my iPad :)


  1. The end result is amazing Holly. And wow..those were a lot of steps you took to get there.

  2. These are incredible!! I'm so glad you're participating...I can't wait to try out your recipe!!! Yum!!!

  3. @Seth: Thanks! It was great to keep track of all the steps for a change :)
    @Dave: Thank you! This was a great project. Can't wait to see more :)

  4. Holly, fabulous results and such good descriptions. Thanks so much. I found it really hard to make notes - you did it beautifully. All the best, Carol

  5. AMAZING Holly...so beautiful...best of times at your opening tonight too..wish I could be there! xo

  6. WOZERS, these are amazing! Hope your opening went well!

  7. @Carol:Thanks! It was tricky to keep track... I actually used pen and paper! LOL All the best to you too :)
    @Julie: Thank you... for the opening wishes too! One day, perhaps I'll have my art somewhere closer to you! xo
    @K: Thanks so much! The opening was fabulous... more about that soon :)

  8. Wow! That is just amazing. I've never tried overlapping images. Will have to try! The intial image of the costume balls is just beautiful in its own right.

    stopping by from clearer reflections

  9. Great images Holly - wonderful sequence of change!!! I'm amazed there are so many apps available - I've just invested in an ipad so will have to explore - will look forward to seeing the rest of this challenge!!

    Will you post picts of your exhibition so we can see this as well!!? I know - very demanding - but hay - your work is intriguing and wonderful to look at!

  10. @Kimberly: Thanks! Working with more that one image creates limitless possibilities.
    @Wyn: Thank you! Enjoy exploring with your iPad :) I have posted three panoramas of the exhibition on my Facebook business page. Check it out at www.facebook.com/HollyDeanArtist

  11. your process was very intriguing...I'm such a newbie - don't think I'm ready for this level yet - but love how yours turned out!

  12. @jaeartworks: Thanks! This process was so much fun:)
    @amyd: Thank you! You will have so much fun playing with apps and learning what they can do. The sky is the limit :)



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