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Friday, November 18, 2011


The Opening of IMPRESSION|EXPRESSION, a joint show of my art and Larry's letterpress work, was a delightful experience and sales were good too. Imagine being told by your gallery that all you have to do is provide the art ahead of time, then show up for the Opening. A dream come true!

Holly's artwork in a very theatrical setting

Larry's collection of lino prints look fabulous in these groupings

Holly's paintings and where the jazz duo set up for the opening

Studio22 Open Gallery in Kingston is run by two very creative people - Hersh and Ally Jacob. Hersh is a graphic designer, lover of typography, books and art. Ally is an amazing designer of installations, organizer and art lover. They both have backgrounds in theatre. Their latest project is the design of a portrait exhibit currently at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

This dynamic couple put together invitations, posters, a catalogue, food, wine & music for the opening and a thoughtful, intriguing display of our work in their theatrical, atmospheric gallery.

We are thrilled with this exhibition and plan to explore it ourselves a few more times. Do take the time to check it out - you will be enthralled. Since it runs until December 18th, there is plenty of time to take it in.

Here's a nice review in the Kingston Queen's Journal.

And a mention in the Ottawa Citizen's article: "The art of Kingston"


Holly Dean & Larry Thompson
A Joint Exhibition
Illustrated broadsides, prints & books | Abstract mixed media artwork, altered images & book art

On until December 18, 2011

Studio22 Open Gallery
320 King Street East - 2nd Floor
Kingston, ON
613 546 7461

New Fall Gallery Hours:
Wednesday to Thursday - 12 to 6 pm
Friday - 12 to 5 pm & 7 to 10 pm
Saturday - 12 to 6 pm
Sunday - 1 to 4:30 pm


  1. A huge congratulations. Sounds like a sensational experience. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Thanks so much, Seth! It's a wonderful experience, exhibiting in this gallery. I wish we could travel as easily as we can communicate online!

  3. Very, very impressive! If I were you...I'd be so excited I couldn't sleep...and that usually only happens Christmas eve!! Congrats to you!!!

    Since I know you like typography...have you checked out the iPad app, LetterMpress? It's modeled from an old letterpress proofing press. It's a lot of fun!

  4. That was fun, really gives you a feel for your art in the space, and what an amazing setting for your art. Didn't realize the size of some of your pieces, very dramatic!

  5. @Dave: I don't think I did sleep the night before the opening :) Thanks for your exuberant support! I have indeed checked out LetterMpress and it is a lot of fun. And I get to watch Larry doing it for real in the studio :)
    @Bren: I discovered the panoramic software only recently and it is amazing! I would prefer a higher resolution, but it does effectively put you in the middle of it all. Yes, some of my pieces are larger - I love painting these :)



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