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Monday, November 21, 2011

What? When? Where? Workshops.

I hoped to hold at least one workshop in November here in Merrickville at the Studio. Many of you expressed an interest in signing up for a Mixed Media Painting, Muse Journal or Mixed Media Storybook class.

As of last week, we received confirmation of a huge order for Costume Balls from Cirque du Soleil. YAY! and YIKES! This means that, unfortunately, the workshops will have to wait.

Over the next weeks I will be planning workshops for 2012. Once the dates are firmed up, I will create a sign-up page on my website and let you know all the details.

In the meantime, here are a few "Sneak" peeks of what to expect...

Create mixed media covers, then hand-bind these small pieces of art to beautiful paper-wrapped signatures using a Coptic stitch. Take a look at a variety of Muse Journals here

each Muse Journal is work of art

these journals are useful and beautiful... and addictive!


Paint, images and text all come together to create a personal Storybook. Check out my 2010 storybook blog post - remember, the link is for last year :)

our "Sneak's" story
Sneak provided the torn collage bits!


Create a mixed media painting with acrylics, collage, text & image transfers. Check out my 2010 mixed media workshop blog post :)

moody layers of mixed media
room for four to play in the Studio
I do look forward to teaching these workshops. They are so much fun and the creative energy in the Studio is awesome!


  1. Wow - Holly Congrats - will you be able to show us the circus balls?? Just love Cirque du Soleil so that combined with your imagery is going to be out of this world!!!

  2. can I just say, once again what a show stopper of a studio you have! Especially appreciate the grid work of lighting among many other things.

  3. @Wyn: You can find the Cirque Costume Balls in the Cirque Boutique on their web site :)
    @Bren: I appreciate my studio every day. It has taken MANY years to evolve! The lighting is great - we have "daylight" lamps over our work areas and lamps for accurate colour shining on the art :)

  4. Wow! Simply amazing, you are really are very talented indeed. Such great talent.




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