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Monday, December 12, 2011

Artists' Pet[s]

We have a couple of hairy beasts here at the Studio who keep us company and oversee our work... usually from a prone position. They also spend quite a bit of time watching reality TV out the windows. Ahh... the life of an artists' pet :)

Sneak watching reality TV out the dining room window. Notice "Mini-Sneak" close by.
Our lovely dog, Sneak, is part German Shepherd/part Border Collie - we think. We found a wonderful, old folk-carving of a dog that looks just like him, right down to the white feet. You can see it circled in red in the background. Our breakfast ritual includes Sneak looking out the dining room window to make sure no-one is "sneaking" up on us.

Tennyson and a quite startled looking "Mini-Sneak".
Our handsome cat, Tennyson [AKA "Tenny-the-Menny], rules the roost despite being a great deal smaller than Sneak. He is a fiesty curmudgeon, although as he ages he is turning into a cuddly curmudgeon. However, if you take a close look at "Mini-Sneak" behind Tennyson, you will note that he is suitably apprehensive to be in such close proximity!


  1. Aw, what great guard animals!

  2. Artist's pets definitely lead challenging lives. One of my dogs (under-table-snoozers) had a green ear for quite some time due to a bit of cuddling from an inky hand (mine). Extra tidbits were required to pacify all!
    Love mini-Sneak. And life-size Sneak sure is one handsome canine, even from the back view.

  3. Love the "green ear" story, Laura. Our pets will put up with almost anything as long as they can be around us and there is a possibility of treats! Yes, our Sneak is quite a handsome and winsome boy :)



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