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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My World.

Welcome to my contribution to Dave's App Recipe Book Project! April Edition. Check out the other contributors listed on Dave's blog and, of course, Dave's images!

iPhoneography is such a wonderful way for an artist to explore imagery. Head on over to my Facebook Page to see many more images... I indulge in iPhoneography almost daily! Please remember to LIKE the page too if you want. :)


duvet cover & coffee mug

colourful curtains

Start with two photos that you have taken with your iPhone. I have replaced the original iPhone camera app with ProCamera for everyday use.

Open both photos in Blender. 
blend 50%

Open new image in 100 Cameras in 1.
Apply filter:
"looking sideways, a clever smile"
(I love the names of these filters!)

Open new image in Pic Grunger.
(have fun looking around the iPhoneography blog too!)
Apply filter:
strength - adjust to taste
style - after hours
texture - water stained

My World.

Open new image in Snapseed.
Apply filters:
"tune image"
ambiance - +100
white balance - +100
structure - +100
random - pick one you like

And there you have it. I was intrigued to find that the resulting image reminded me of my painting, "Something Rich and Strange I". Completely unintentional. HCIT???


  1. Great image!!! Thanks for joining in the fun!!!

  2. My pleasure, Dave! Can't wait to check out the others :)

  3. What a beautiful painterly photo, Holly! A great blend. I can see an app or two that I need to investigate.

  4. lovely how you blended images together to create one outstanding one!
    and oh dear, looks like I should check out Blender.

  5. Thanks, Carol! Have fun investigating :)

  6. Thank you, Gail :) Blender is a good app to have and check out DXP at the same time - you can do much more with it!

  7. Wow - you and Dave leave all chefs holding their breath!! Wonderful translation!!! Go girl!!

  8. Incredible image, it give off a dreamy feeling. Great job.



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