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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Shed Med[ieval].

Earlier in the week, I spent an afternoon in the studio prepping gallery canvases - painting the edges black. My newest works are created on watercolour paper or illustration board [since my workshop with Karen Rosasco -  but that's another blog] and they will be mounted on these canvases.

prepped canvases in the studio.

After painting the edges, the canvases were stowed in Shed Med [our "Medieval" shed], ready to grab as I finish a new piece. As you can see, I have a LARGE supply of 14"x18" canvases, and a fair number of 10"x10" and 6"x6".

shed med[ieval].

a peek inside reveals stacks of canvases.

It feels good to be using the materials I have on hand. The best part, though, is that I am building a body of work! Look for new pieces featured here on my blog, on Facebook and on my website. Two new paintings make their debut this week.


  1. Shed Med...I like that! Love those racks and racks of canvases...already to go...now get busy!!!

  2. I want a shed like that! Looking forward to the reveals

  3. Wow - production train!! Go Holly - this is an amazing insight into your law and order - very impressive!! Cheers - here's to a good summer for you!

  4. Hey, Bren! We built this shed out of old timber and doors from my Dad's farm. It is solid!!!

  5. Yes, Wyn, you now have a good idea of how organized I like to be :) Cheers, and a good summer to you too!!!

  6. Loved seeing these pics, it's always fun to see how other artists prepare.



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