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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Faerie Rounds. Ethereal Orbs of Enchantment.

 I love creating Faerie Rounds. These small ornaments of enchantment embody possibility and dreams. Each unique orb contains scraps of mixed media ephemera, text & calligraphy from my magical art studio. A scroll bearing the Faerie Round legend is tucked inside each gift box. Purportedly, Faerie Rounds attract only good Faeries... although even good Faeries can be mischievous! I will have a good supply of these little beauties at the Fantasy in the Forest Art Show, coming up Saturday and Sunday, July 21st and 22nd.

Did you know that Faeries have a bad habit of collecting EVERYTHING? They consider small, colourful scraps of paper extremely tantalizing and prize, above all, those precious bits adorned with calligraphy. Faeries have been known to spend hours trying to figure out what the writing says... they don't speak our language, you see.

For centuries it has been considered very good luck to have Faeries visit your home. Traditionally, Faerie Rounds have been hung for the purpose of attracting these magical creatures. Precious scraps of paper, especially calligraphic bits, are arranged temptingly inside a glass sphere, creating an attractive ornament while preventing the Faeries from "nicking" the paper. But they can't help themselves from at least coming in for a look...

making coiled copper hangars

precious scraps and ornaments

enchanting, medieval figures

Faerie Rounds nestled in their gift boxes

magical orbs on display



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