HollyDeanArtist: Often Medieval in Mood: A Fabulous Fantasy In The Forest.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Fabulous Fantasy In The Forest.

As expected, the Fantasy In The Forest Art Show on July 21 and 22 was fabulous! The turnout was quiet on Saturday, but busy on Sunday. Everyone who came was blown away by the magical setting and all the fantastic art. Sales were good, which is always nice, and there was lots of conversation and good times. It's always great to get together with fellow artists too!

stairway through the forest

our "booth" - Jamie's old studio

muse journals on display

faerie rounds with their legend

Doug MacDonald poses for the camera - far right
 There are LOTS of wonderful pictures to capture this year's show. You can see more here by Jayne Ayre.

Larry and I picked up three medieval sculptures at the show. More on those in another post!



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