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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of Gargoyles and Garguys.

Look who came home with us from this year's Fantasy In The Forest Art Show! Three fabulously medieval sculptures from Doug MacDonald of Rue Royale. We have a couple of Doug's smaller pieces and have been longing for more.

Here is a bit about Doug: "A native to Glasgow, Scotland, Douglas MacDonald has been casting a sundry of gargoyles, grotesques and a myriad of other architecturally inspired pieces for over two decades. Using processes that resemble and mimic the stone of buildings of old, Douglas brings the unique carvings patterned across their exterior walls directly into your home and garden."

Doug is quite the imp... such a Garguy :)

His latest sculptures are inspired by the Lewis Chessmen.

We brought home the Berserker. We'll have to get the whole set!

This jolly fellow represents the art side of our Studio.

This busy scribe represents words and books.

These gorgeous gargoyles are right at home here. Thanks Doug!


  1. OMG - love them..... I have such a love for gargoyles - maybe I was one in a previous life. LOL. His art work is incredible. Thanks for sharing, literally, you can send me one.... you know! hugs

    1. I think I might have been one too. LOL! Doug's work IS incredible and he is such a hoot. He must have been a court jester because he could easily be a stand up comedian today :)

  2. These are great!! I have a couple of gargoyles lurking around my studio...I think I need some more now!! This will be my excuse to come up to the Festival next year!!!

  3. Replies
    1. They are really wonderful, aren't they Kathryn!



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