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Friday, August 23, 2013

Creating Mixed Media Paintings. Take 2.

It has been a glorious summer, filled with creativity here at my Merrickville studio. I hope you have found time to free your creative muse over the last few months!

A repeat of the Creating Mixed Media Paintings workshop was held on August 17 and 18. A bright, exuberant group of women quickly embraced the spirit of creative exploration and play for the weekend. At one point there was such a lovely, out-loud AHA! moment, that it was suggested I should be recording audio instead of taking pictures ;)

busy playing and exploring
creative energy filled the air

working in the paint
blending beautifully
concentrating on a corner
working in the air
blend, blend, blend
graphic collage
We created with acrylic paints, inks and mediums, collage, texture, words and even pennies! This was an intense weekend, with two pieces to work on. Most pieces were finished - some were taken home to add that "perfect something".

THANK YOU to all the wonderful participants of Creating Mixed Media Paintings! You rock!!!

Enjoy these last gorgeous days of summer and keep creating :)

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