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Friday, August 09, 2013

Stamps, stencils & collage papers. Oh my!

We had a lot of fun in the studio on August 3rd and 4th in the Creating Stamps, Stencils and Collage Papers workshop. It was a small group, but creativity filled the air!

Summer time is quite busy for most people, so I will be offering this workshop again in the fall by popular demand. Keep an eye on hollydean.com for the dates and details.

Congratulations to Katharine, Spike and Janice - you created beautiful work!

An intimate group of three :)
Katharine chooses an image to carve in Softoleum
Carving a stamp out of craft foam mounted on Coroplast
A couple of Katharine's collage papers
Another of Katharine's collage papers
Spike carves a stamp out of Softoleum
Making collage papers with paint and hand-cut stamps
One of Spike's collage papers
Another of Spike's collage papers
Janice works on her collage paper
Simplifying a photo to turn into a stamp
One of Janice's collage papers
Another of Janice's collage papers
Beautiful hand, Spike!

Thank you to all the Fabulous Participants who have been so lovely to create with and I look forward to seeing you here in the studio again! I am SO enjoying teaching these Fabulous Workshops :)

Three more studio workshops are now open for registration:

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