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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Studio Table: The Reveal

Head on over to The Altered Page to find a list of over one hundred artists who have posted shots of their messy studio tables. As usual, Seth has inspired us all to share.

I can make just as big a mess as the next artist - believe me. However, I have spent the last few weeks purging, sorting and organizing and I'm still in that mode. So here is a shot of my 'art desk'. Not where I paint (that one is totally bare at the moment), but where the things I am working with are.

There are art supplies, my trusty Macbook Pro, some paintings that were returned from a gallery today, a book I am enjoying, a magazine I am featured in, our Studio Tour brochure, a couple of mailart postcards I am working on, bookmarks and Raven's dog treats. Raven and I work on her training in my studio too - there's space now to do that.

I'll be sure to grab a shot of my studio table when it's messy and post that another time. The important thing is to keep creating! Whether you are messy or clean :)


  1. Wow- very nice, neat workspace! I like how it's right against the window, too...

  2. Neat and bright.....bet it doesn't stay that neat for long.

  3. Wish I could get into the 'purging, sorting and organizing" stage and stay there. LoL! Not going to happen, I'm afraid. Would love to exchange mail art with you sometime, if you're up for it, Holly. Happy Creating! :D

    1. Sometimes the big changes in your life make it easier. That's definitely an up side!!! I would love to exchange mail art :D Let me know the details...

  4. Loving the artwork, so much gorgeous texture going on.

  5. I just finished Show Your Work and loved it. Applying his suggestions really work, too!
    Thanks for sharing your studio space.

    1. Show You Work is an awesome book! Thanks for taking the time to comment and all the best to you :)

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