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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laura's Sculptures

I went over to Laura's today to photograph her latest sculptures - they are wonderful!
This piece is titled "You're Never Too Old to Wear Pink". It all started with one pair of the shoe forms we found at the Sally Ann last week...
Last Thursday morning we worked on more sculptures. Laura is very quick at everything she makes and whipped out her sculpture in no time flat. As Janet said, the figure even looks pretty now that she is finished. We had all seen her without her clothes on and, honestly, she was quite frightening to look at! Laura wrote words on the bottom of the swing which are reflected in the mirror. Clever girl.
Laura is also very resourceful when she creates. The wing frames of this enormous bird are made out of pencils taped together with marbles at the larger joints! All was then painted and rusted and the result really looks like she welded it all together. Her bird's head is paper mache and the wings are draped with cheesecloth covered with fabric stiffener. 
A closer look.
Laura has given me a sewing machine to try out, so there will be more experimentation in my art coming up ( :

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