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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We keep playing!

Thursday mornings have sparked some wonderful ideas which have become amazing new art pieces. We have each been doing our own thing here at the studio on Thursdays while exchanging ideas, looking at art books and mags and generally getting very inspired.
There are more ideas than we can ever try...but we are working at it!
Here is Claudette's assemblage (pronounced "Ahhhsemblahhhj"). She has used Paverpol to stiffen the fabric that is draped on the figure and real horse hair.
Ah yes - the real 'Facebook'. Laura has cleverly put together a miniature accordian style book using dominoes for the covers. Her molded clay face is given a special treatment to make it look like metal.
Heather has been very inspired! She has created all sorts of things between Thursday morning playgroups. Here is a framed face with all sorts of interesting texture and embellishments...including an old credit card cut into the shape of a flower at the bottom right.
Here she has time on her hands, I mean, hands on her time. You know what I mean ( :
Another time piece by Heather with lots of beautiful buttons glued to the top. The clock face is a toy wagon wheel. Great idea!

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