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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dave's Recipe Book Project!

On the third Wednesday of every month, David Hayes over at Clearer Reflections will be hosting "Dave's Recipe Book Project" - an online collaboration. The first one is tomorrow - January 18th.

The pic can be of any subject and any app(s) can be used… the only stipulation is that the image must be done all "in-phone" (or iPad). Along with the image, a specific step-by-step "recipe" is to be included.

Dave will post a list of all participating iphoneographers on his blog tomorow so that you can be sure to find the links to all the "recipes". Check it out and join in if you like!

Here is my "recipe"...
original pic
Photo fx - Special FX - Day for Night 1 - Apply Layer - Wide Angle Lens (Distortion 10)

Snapseed - Drama - Bright 2

Pic Grunger - Weathered (Style: After Hours, Texture: Metal, Border: ON)


  1. Way cool! Love your recipe...these are great apps! Thanks so much for participating!!!!

  2. This is so much fun, Dave! I can't wait to see other artist's images :)

  3. Looks great! I love this project too. -julie

  4. Thanks, Julie! I'm going to check out yours now :)

  5. Beautiful! I like the original as is, too.

  6. I've missed this month, will have to try harder next month. Love your photo, Holly.



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